Saturday, April 30, 2011

HTML..first step

A basic introduction to HTML:

                HTML was derived from SGML i.e. Standard General Markup Language.
     Its is pretty pretty easy to learn and use it as well. You just require a normal notepad(or editplus in case yu a geek) and any (mind yu any!!!) internet browser.HTML is so flexible that, using just this one language, your web page is  executable from any browser.
     HTML is nothing but Hyper Text Markup Language, as in its a language which uses Hyper text Transfer Protocol to transfer the contents of your HTML web page on the internet. 
     It uses simple tags to describe to content  of your web page. These tags are enclosed within a "<" and a ">" . Every OPENING tag has a corresponding CLOSING tag. Certain tags have properties aka attributes that we use to style the content enclosed in the tags. E.g.: <b>,<title>....</title>.   We shall dig into Tag details a bit later.

      Lets see a simple example of an HTML page.Follow these steps humbly and correctly:
  1. Open a blank notepad.
  2. Copy the following code as it is. You may change the text part enclosed within the tags
        <head><title> My first HTML page </title></head>
                      Welcome to the world of HTML...Check the topmost bar on your browser window.You shall see the text  that you typed between the title tag. Adios
  3. Save the file as "First.html" or as "First.htm".
  4. Open the drive where you have saved the file,notice that a file with a same name and a different icon simliar to your browser. Double click the file(open it the way you do to any file on your system) and whoa, its your own HTML page.
       Cheers to your first page hehe,now lets get into tag details in the next post and style your page. Till the next post,take care..!!!

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